Muslim Women Fashion is in the Limelight in Present Era

There was a time when Islamic women had no option to dress in a modern way. Whenever there is discussion about fashion of Islamic ladies, critics commented that the muslim women fashion is restrictive and conservative. It seemed as if they came from the most backward section of the society. They looked old fashioned by their dressing style. But, with the change of time, the Islamic fashion industry underwent a tremendous change.

The fashion for Islamic women has been found to walk a long way right from traditional to modern. Indeed, the change was notified with the introduction of modest clothes. The preface of modest clothes in the Muslimah fashion industry opened up new hope for the Muslim community women. It allowed the Islamic ladies to challenge the western fashion. Definitely the Muslim women fashion of modern age shattered the age old perception against the Muslimah ladies.

Muslimah fashion chic brings a wide array of fashion choice for the Islamic women. It can be said that Muslimah fashion offers diversity. It is because, each and every modest wears comes with specific design and colour. The fashion designers have given a new shape to the traditional Muslim women’s garments. They have designed the modest clothes in keeping with the western fashion chic.

There was a time when Muslim women had no opportunity to participate in any sports events, music, entertainment and other events. But, today the modest attires are available for a wide array of occasions. The fashion for muslim women has extended from long full covered traditional dresses to fashionable kaftans, jeans with long sleeve, stylish hijab street style and lots more.

The London first ever modest week brought Muslim modest garments into a catwalk. More than 3,000 people attended the fashion event which was completely different from any other. In this show some fashion models were found dressed in sparkling tunics and silk turbans, some were found with leather caps hanging on their hijab. More than 40 designers from various parts of UK participated in this fashion show.

Not only this, the San Francisco fashion exhibition is another prove that muslim ladies fashion has changed drastically. The fashion exhibition showcased Contemporary Muslim fashion. Almost 80 ensembles were displayed by the fashion designers. In reality, the modest Islamic clothes for Muslim women gave them a separate identification in the fashion world. Every modest clothes are designed by incorporating modernity and modesty.

Undoubtedly it can be said that the modest wears are designed thinking about the fashion needs of women of all religious faiths.


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