The Islamic Dressing Style is Both Religiously Coded and Fashion Bold

The art museums of the present era discovered many things about the Islamic fashion style. There is much to learn about the Muslim clothing’s of the modern generation. It reveals the fact that Muslim fashion is no more restrictive and conservative. It has walked a long way right from traditional dressing style to classy elegant phase. There was a time when Muslim community women had no opportunity to select attire that would highlight their beauty and fashion. In fact, there was no option left for the Muslim women who wanted to participate in sports events, entertainment, music and other activities.

But, Islamic dressing style took a drastic change with the launch of the modest fashion. It created a great stir in the Islamic fashion industry. Previously, whenever there aroused the discussion about the Muslim ladies dressing style, the picture appeared of an Islamic women of Middle Eastern countries covered from head to toe. The dressing pattern made them the most back dated section of the society.

This conception was shattered after the birth of the modest wears. The modest dresses have been designed in keeping with the latest fashion trend. They are specially designed to give a modern appearance to the trendy Muslim ladies. A wide category of modest dresses are available today in the Global market.

Every modest clothes are the innovative creation of the Muslimah fashion designers. San Francisco fashion exhibition disclosed the wrong conception about the Islamic dressing style. In this fashion exhibition almost 60 fashion designers from various parts of the world took active participation. The fashion show highlighted exclusive work of Islamic fashion designers on modest wear collections.

In fact, every modest clothes were designed by maintaining a balance between modernity and modesty. Among the different types of modest apparels, the hijab is the most famous outfit that is usually worn by a Muslim woman to cover their head and neck. Prior to the introduction of the varieties of modest clothes, the hijab were used as a part of traditional and cultural identity.

The hijabs came in usual black and dull colours. There were no variations in style and designs of the hijabs. However, the change was noticed with the evolution of modest fashion chic. The modern hijab fashion highlights hijab of vibrant colours, style and printed fabric. Nike, a famous US sports company has recently introduced a sports hijab. The launching of this new hijab gave a great opportunity to Islamic women who are sports lovers. For years they were not able to participate in the sports events. But, Nike Pro-Hijab helped the Islamic ladies to break open this barrier.

The change in the hijab style allowed Muslim ladies to adjust with the present-day fashion chic. Indeed, the turbans are available today depending upon the occasion and the seasons. A Muslim lady can adjust the dressing style in accordance with the fashion trend of the modern age. The modest wears comes with variant styles, designs and colours that can give a perfect modern look to an Islamic woman.


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