Ultimate Guide For Men To Buy Women Sunglasses Online

If you are looking for a perfect gift to buy for the special woman in your life, look no further. Sunglasses are an awesome gift. Regardless of the occasion – her birthday, Christmas or even if it’s your anniversary – sunglasses are always in-season and necessary. It’s actually both practical and economic if you think about it.

First, a pair of shades will always be fashionable as long as you choose the right style. Second, sunglasses are way less expensive than other women’s accessories like jewellery, footwear or bags. The best part is, sunglasses are actually necessary nowadays due to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays posing a danger to everyone’s eyes.

Now comes the tricky part: actually making the purchase. Normally, you can just visit a store in person so you can get a good look at the products and ask the right questions from a knowledgeable sales representative. But in today’s busy world, you probably won’t have the time to go to a shop physically, and that’s perfectly acceptable.

You can opt to buy your woman’s sunglasses online, you just need to know the important things to consider when doing so. Here are a few tips on how you can secure the perfect eyewear through online shopping:

Be Wary Of The Frame Size

Buying a pair of sunglasses is almost synonymous with shopping for clothes: you want to make sure it fits the recipient appropriately. Make sure you know which frame size goes well with her face, you can ask her directly to get the right answer quickly.

If you are planning a surprise buy, try to get the information from her friends or family, or snoop around her stuff a little when she’s not paying attention and check the size of her current eyewear yourself. Make sure to remember the details so that you can properly estimate the suitable size.

If her face is relatively small, smaller frames will look better on her. Naturally, if her face is larger than most women, larger frames will supplement her beauty better.

The frame size matters the most not just because it will determine if the sunglasses will fit or fall off her face, but also because it’s the most problematic part of buying sunglasses online.

When you visit online shops to look at the sunglasses, all you will have are the pictures, and online pictures are rarely accurate when compared to how they look like in real life. It’s hard to judge and estimate solely based on an edited photo of the product. The good news is, most trusted sites have the measurements listed as well – you should see the actual numbers for the sunglasses’ frame, bridge and temple measurements.

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Find Out What The Sunglasses Are Made Of

If you want to make sure you are buying her a quality gift, then you will want to check which materials were used to make it. The standard performance of the lens and frames of sunglasses are highly dependent on the material used. As an example, if you’re buying shades for a woman who’s into physical sports like biking, then her sunglasses need to be made from sturdy material so it won’t crack under pressure.

Stronger materials like titanium or polycarbonate would be ideal fits. Additionally, try to find out if she is allergic to certain kinds of plastic or metal since sunglasses are usually made of those materials only.

The material used for the lens is equally important, as it decides her quality of vision while wearing the sunglasses. For instance, if she still needs crystal-clear eyesight with her shades, you can buy her high-grade optical lenses to ensure her vision is not compromised at all.

Keep in mind, however, that some lenses can be quite expensive. If her eyesight doesn’t require any special treatment, going for acrylic lenses would be preferable since they are both affordable and dependable in quality.

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Her Face Shape Will Dictate The Frame Style

People in general fall under three basic face shapes: oval, square-shaped and heart-shaped.

If the woman you are buying sunglasses for has an oval-shaped face, going for bold patterns and strong colours might be a good choice. Oval-shaped faces tend to go wide around the forehead, and buying shades with a prominent bridge can help soften their appearance.

If her face is more of the square-type shape, then you will be looking to strengthen her features’ aspects. Square-shaped faces often have notable cheekbones and jawlines, so softer styles will better complement their appearance. Sunglasses with thinner, rimless frames and light-coloured shades should do the trick.

Buying sunglasses for women with heart-shaped faces is a lot more straightforward because their facial features are usually more unbiased. You can just buy a pair of shades that focus more on the bottom part of the design to counter the heart-shaped attributes normally shown at the top part of the face. The rest of the decision-making will be based purely on her other preferences like colour, shape and thickness.

Make sure that whichever online shop you are buying from, they are properly-regulated and authorised by the necessary official bodies.

Buying sunglasses for women online can be risky because there are a lot of fake items being sold on the internet, and most of these fraudulent websites will claim several things to be true just to get you to purchase their items.

It is highly recommended to buy from well-recognized brands and sellers only so you can complete your transaction in good faith.

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